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Posted on Jul 2, 2013 in Bergamo | 0 comments

San Pellegrino water. The italian style in a bottle of water

San Pellegrino water. The italian style in a bottle of water

Maybe it is the most famous special guest from Italy. We are talking about San Pellegrino water. Thanks to its simple design can be a trend and create trends. It has appeared on the big screen a lot of times, becoming representative of the italian style around the world.

The trademark was born in 1899. In that year the water from a spring placed in Val Brembana, near Bergamo, close to San Pellegrino, known especially for its thermal baths, began to be bottled.

During the years the company has grown a lot. Now it works on the production of drinks, for instance Aranciata (sparkling orange), Chinotto and Sanbitter.  It has bought others companies bottling water as well, such as Panna, Levissima, Pejo. Even if it manages more than one brand, the quality and the nature of the trademark remain the same.

Since the beginning the company has shown a strong interest and it has decided to point to style and design, totally italian of course. It would be enough thinking about the memorable tag, famous all over the world, matched to the classic green glass bottle, or to the new bottle, belonging to the San Bernardo brand, covered with water drops. San Pellegrino has organized some partnerships with designers and stylists from Italy and from foreign countries. Pininfarina, Missoni, Jean-Paul Gaultier – were called to realize new charming look in limited edition.

We have to quote also the aranciata bottle with its “clavetta” shape, unchanged from the ’50, and the linear bottle of the soft drink Sanbitter, both example of italian standard of beauty.

There is also the slogan born in 2001 as “Whatever language you speak, live in italian” that following the cosmopolitan concept became “Live in italian”, suggesting that there aren’t boundaries for the italian style.

Among the arts San Pellegrino Group has worked especially with cinema. The trademark has been used as a sponsor during some edition of the Festival of Venice and of the Festival of Cannes. Furthermore it has been the main character in some films, from 1949 when it appeared in L’imperatore di Capri with Totò or when in the roaring ’60 it has celebrated the italianism with Federico Fellini in La dolce vita.

From a valley near Bergamo, this popular mineral water jump into the hands of the well known secret agent 007 and it has stayed in the USA until today, collecting a good number of appearances in the most popular films of Hollywood, as The Royal Tenembaums, Changing Lanes, Meet the Fockers, Ocean’s Twelve, Sex and the City, The Devil wears Prada.

The San Pellegrino Group in considered an icon of well eating, of well drinking and of art, symbols of Italy and of the quality of its products, exported all over the world.


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