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Posted on Jul 3, 2013 in Bergamo | 0 comments

Bergamo Tour: Maresana hill

Bergamo Tour: Maresana hill

If anyone has doubts about, also in the core of the hard-working Lombardy it is possible to pass from the blacktop of the city to the green hill in few minutes: it is shown by some itinerary around Bergamo. One of them leads to Maresana, a hill in Ponteranica a municipalità neighbouring the urban center.

The hill, 546 meters high, was covered by chestnut tree in the past. Nowadays is filled with woods and vineyards and it is part of the Parco dei Colli di Bergamo, the third natural park in size of Italy.

On one of the panoramic viwepoint is put the Church of San Marco, born in 1619 and today used as a community and learning center for the visitors who want to discover the flora and the fauna of that area.

The highest point of the mountain of which the hill is part is called Canto Alto. It is 1146 meters high and it is possible to reach it following a route in whose beginning is signed by a war memorial named Croce dei morti.

There are two way sto go on the hill: on foot or by car.

If you decide to go on your own foot, you can get on the bus ATB line 6 that pass in the city and arrives in the neighborhood called Monterosso. Following the information boards and taking the CAI path number 533 you will arrive to the Church and then to the top.

By car you need to follow the road in the direction of Ponteranica and Sorisole and then follow the signals that point Maresana. The municipality just named are also reachable by bus ATB line 9.

This routes are the favourite of the citizens of Bergamo who are looking for a little realx and cool air, above all during spring and summer.

There are many paths on the hill and one of them is furnished for disabile people.

For those who are not satisfied by a packed lunch after the walk, there are the restaurant La Maresana and Pighet that offer the typical dishes of the territory of Bergamo.

Maresana hill: a relaxing Bergamo tour just outside the door, rather, outside the Walls.

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