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Posted on Jul 3, 2013 in Bergamo | 0 comments

On Sant’Eufemia hill in the Upper City: the Rocca of Bergamo

On Sant’Eufemia hill in the Upper City: the Rocca of Bergamo

The construction works started in 1331 when the city was been under the power of the King of Bohemia and they finished in 1336 with some actions ordered by Guglielmo di Castelbarco first and then by Azzone Visconti.

In that period the Rocca of Bergamo was part of the defensive compound that included the Cittadella, which is present a part, and the Cittadella Superiore, now disappeared.

The Rocca is composed by a quadrangular fortified tower and it showed four round towers at the corners.

Under the Venetian Power, when the Venetian Walls were built, a big round tower was added to the Rocca, equipped with features suitable to the arming of the Sixteenth century, as instance gaps for cannons. Where the park of the Rocca set nowadays, there is the ancient medieval square tower for defensive purpose in the past. Nowadays it is possible to enter the compound through a gate placed two meters above the ground using masonry stairs and there is also the access gate of the outside wall, as the recreations says.

Outside the fortified tower there are also patrol paths and a small door used as a emergency exit.

The places inside the Rocca are now occupied by the Historical Museum of Bergamo that offers rebuilt settings of the most important events of Bergamo and multimedial path.

The building was captured by Napoleone and his troops during the Nineteenth century and then it was released by Garibaldi.

Now not only is the Rocca the location of the Historical Museum of Bergamo but also of some historical memories dedicated to the Renaissance and the Second World War using historical collections and commemorative stones.

Thanks to its 360-degree-view, the reason why it became a defensive fortress during the centuries, it is a perfect destination for those who want to find a bit of peace in its small park.

You can reach the Upper City by bus ATB line 1/A from the rail station or by the cable car in Via Vittorio Emanuele II. In the burg you can find indications in order to go to the Rocca.

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