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Bergamo guide: Smartrippin a mobile touring app to have a Bergamo tour

bergamo guide, touring app, bergamo tour The first mobile touring app to have a Bergamo tour and to know its splendors, highlighting its sights, artistic treasures, wine and food.

SmarTrippin changes the concept of the tourism app, offering several different ways it can be used to have a Bergamo tour, such as:

Original content: Recently developed text that conveys cultural and historical information through storytelling.

Geo-localized maps: On-location use is supported by a geo-localized map, which can be navigated offline, and provides a clear view of the tours and most interesting sights.

bergamo guide, touring app, bergamo tour

Personalized routes: The app offers content on monuments, streets, squares, buildings, museums and other places of interest, but also has sections dedicated to individualized routes designed for the specific needs of the user. There are suggested itineraries for people traveling with children, for couples, for those whose are looking for lifestyle experiences, as well as for those who are pressed for time and wish to get to know the city through a few key stops.

Geo-referenced audioguide: All of the content can be listened to on-location during the tour. The app brings back the tradition of the guided tour, using infinite technological reproducibility. The Italian narrator is Francesca Jemma, known for several famous advertising campaigns. The English narrator is Sharon Fryer, who has worked on many marketing campaigns for international brands.

bergamo guide, touring app, bergamo tour

Geo-referenced augmented reality: Pointing your smartphone or tablet’s camera in a direction will provide indications on monuments, squares, bars and restaurants. A simple tap on the name that interests you will access the relevant content and information.

International and open usability: The app is available in Italian and English and will soon be available in other languages.

Multi-system: The app currently functions on iOs devices and will soon be available for Android systems. In addition, the version for tablets may be used horizontally, to make better use of the screen.

Interactive content: The guide functions with hypertext, and provides linked content through active words.

Interactive artistic glossary

Photo gallery

Intelligent, dynamic historical section

Bibliography with reading and listening suggestions for more information.

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