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Posted on Jul 2, 2013 in Bergamo | 0 comments

Things to see in Bergamo: small city but full of appeal

Things to see in Bergamo: small city but full of appeal

When you think about Bergamo, the first image that appears is the Upper City, the most known, where history, art, charme and a good deal of romanticism are mixed together. Nevertheless, let us say something about the Lower City that always appears as the younger sister but it is not because worthy of attentions and full of monuments and interesting places.

Over all there is a part of the nowadays center that tastes of black and white photo, as La Belle Epoque in Paris: an area not to be forgotten.

It is not only imagination, old clicks exist and they show some carragies parked here and there and the newspaper saller. The road captured by the camera has a famous name: Sentierone.

It is a tree-lined avenue realized in 1620 onto which several interesting buildings overlook and that, furthermore, lead to the principal shopping streets.

At the biginning of this boulevard there is the Church of San Bartolomeo and Stefano that hold a painted board by Lorenzo Lotto called Pala Martinengo. It is considered one of the masterpiece of the venetian painter.

On the right side there are porchs under which some of the most famous and refined shops of Bergamo settled. There i salso the patisserie Balzer, meeting place of a great parto of the people from Bergamo, in the past and today. Popular also among the actors who have played and continue to do into the opposite theater , dedicated to the well-known composer of the city – Gaetano Donizetti. It was built at the end of the XIII century thanks to a gamble made by a forward-looking businessman and it war rebuilt a several times becoming on of the most important theater in Italy where operas and music festival take place.

Near the building there is the statue of Donizetti set into a small lake, drawn while he is listening to Melopea, the inspiring Muse who is playing the zither.

Going through the Sentierone and crossing the principal street that lead to the ancient village, you can get close to the shopping street par excellence: Via XX Settembre. Here you can find clothes, shoes and accesories shops, cafés, bookshops, jewelry stores. The street ends in Piazza Pontida where Via Sant’Alessandro begins. A very old avenue that once in the past led the merchants to the hill and that nowadays, with Via Sant’Orsola, represent the fashion and shopping district of Bergamo.

A mix of old and new not far from the station, a place where you can walk looking around in order to enjoy both the cultural and historic bauties and to look at the many shops searching for something that fit us.

There are a lot of things to see in Bergamo, small city but full of appeal.

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