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Posted on Jun 5, 2013 in Bergamo | 0 comments

With friends, in a couple, alone: where can you eat in Bergamo?

With friends, in a couple, alone: where can you eat in Bergamo?

In the age of globalization when you visit a city different from your, maybe beacuse of laziness or just to be sure, you end up to choose a fast food. In this manner you deny oneself one of the plasures of travel: to taste the typical flavours and the delicious food. How can a tourist do in Bergamo? What can you eat, but above all, where can you eat in Bergamo?

The typical dishes, the famous “casonsei” and Polenta Taragna, that is with cheeses, can be found in almost every restaurant. In the Upper City, for instance, there are some typical places as La Colombina in Via Borgo Canale that also offers a beautiful view over the land, and as the Donizetti in Via Gombito, with its Renaissance style porch under which you can eat.

If you want to taste a real italian pizza, you can’t miss Da Mimmo, historical place in Via Colleoni, which give an open air space. For a sparing meal in a place full of appeal there is the Circolino. If time is short and you want to visit the city eating something “fast”, the Alimentari in Via Tassis offers sandwiches with delicious typical cold cuts.

If you are in the Lower City, very popular is the Trattoria D’ambrosio – Da Giuliana in via Broseta, cheep and cheerful and with genuine tastes. In the city center you can find Il Vecchio Tagliere and a just outside Ol Giupì e la Margì, in Via Borgo Palazzo, where classical and new are mixed together.

And for a power load? A typical dessert “Polenta e oséi” is perfect. It must be eaten at the Pasticceria Cavour in Via Gombito in the Old Village or if you are in the Lower City, at Balzer in via Portici of Sentierone.

With friends, in a couple, with your familiy, alone… where can you eat in Bergamo? You will be spoiled for choice.

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