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About us

Smartrippin is a Multimedia Factory that can offer:

Mobile App
Content Creation
Social Strategy
Creativity & Design
City & Territorial Branding
Web 2.0

A group of professionals working to promote innovation and spread Italian art and culture throughout the country and across the globe through new technologies, the digital world, crossmedia, and new systems for using knowledge and information. We create and offer products and services that facilitate access to knowledge, quality in education, fostering of ideas and the interpretation and narrating of reality.

Smartrippin is:

Emotion + Research + Storytelling + Experience + Engagement


Smartrippin is a project powered by Semantic srl & Arcalumis.

Marco Ravasio
Concept, Editorial Project, Contents

Andrea Menalli
COO – Chief operating officer

Andrea Mattoli
CIO – Chief information officer

Anna Remondini
Social Specialist

Francesca Cortesi
Art and Design

Mary Manning
Translation and contents


Flavio Ferrandi
App Programming

Andrea Taffi
App Programming

The Vortex
Digital Marketing

Margherita Restelli

Giulia Sorrentino

Fabrizio Allione

Silvia Gilardi


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