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Posted on Jul 5, 2013 in Bergamo | 0 comments

Things to do in Bergamo: discover them with the first mobile touring app

Things to do in Bergamo: discover them with the first mobile touring app

Are you planning a trip to Bergamo? Are you looking for a travel guide which is cheap and has a good quality? Would you like to know which things to do in Bergamo?

SmarTrippin Bergamo has all that you need and more: it is the first mobile touristic app, very useful if you are planning to have a Bergamo tour and to know its beauties, highlighting its sights, artistic treasures, wine and food.

While you walk around a city, you want to see where you are putting your feet, the people around you and you wish to enjoy your holiday in the most relaxed way. Then you don’t want to read a guide or your smartphone. Thanks to the geo-referenced audioguide, you can walk around the city with your head up because all of the content can be listened to on-location during the tour.

Besides, pointing your smartphone or tablet’s camera in a direction it will provide indications on monuments, squares, bars and restaurants. A simple tap on the concerned name and you will access the relevant content and information.

SmarTrippin Bergamo offers content on monuments, streets, squares, buildings, museums and other places of interest, but also has sections dedicated to individualized routes designed for your specific needs. There are suggested itineraries for people traveling with childrenfor couplesfor those whose are looking for lifestyle experiences, as well as for those who are pressed for time and wish to get to know the city through a few key stops.

A new way to listen to stories that tour guides and books about Bergamo will never tell you.

Things to do in Bergamo? Discover them with SmarTrippin Bergamo.

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